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The Master of the Moroccan Tan Kits!

The Professional Master Kit is the ultimate starter pack to set up any spray tan business or to add to your beauty salon. With a Spray Station including spray tan system and extraction units, professional spray tanning solutions, retail products and marketing support, you’ll have everything you need to support your business.

This Kit includes the revolutionary Spray Station, a sought after fusion of top of the range Spray Tan and Clean Air Systems. The all-in-one spray tan and filter system offers a simple way to clean and purify the air within your salon, as well as helping to protect the safety and health of your customers and staff, whilst you are able to deliver the perfect spray tan for your client.

Kit Includes:

x1 - Moroccan Tan Spray Station

x1 - Moroccan Tan Original | 1L
x1 - Moroccan Tan Bronze | 1L
x1 - Moroccan Tan Coco | 1L
x1 - Moroccan Tan Dusk | 1L
x1 - Moroccan Tan Nights | 1L 
x1 - Moroccan Tan Accelerated | 1L

x1 - Instant Tanning Mousse | 200ML
x1 - Instant Tanning Lotion | 250ML
x1 - Glow 2 in 1 Extender + Gradual Tan | 250ML
x1 - Butter | 150G
x1 - Cleanse | 250ML
x1 - Exotic Tanning Mousse | 200ML
x1 - Luminous Mousse 3 in 1 Extender | 200ML
x1 - Luminous Lotion 3 in 1 Extender | 325ML
x1 - Primer Exfoliator | 150ML
x1 - Flawless Instant Wash Off Lotion | 150ML

x1 - Starter Pack | 25 Hair Caps + 25 G-Strings
x1 - Cardboard Foam Feet | 25 Pack

Marketing Support
x1 - Poster Pack | A1
x1 - Poster Pack | A2
x1 - POS Retail Stand | Medium
x1 - Product Guide
x1 - Appointment Card | 100 Pack
x1 - Loyalty Cart | 100 Pack
x1 - Retail Flyers | 25 Pack
x1 - Moroccan Tan T-Shirt